The Complete GreenLight Plans and Instructions
to build the Greenlight, night fishing lights.

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Build your own fishing lights

BALLAST, BALLASTS FOR GREENLIGHT FISHING LIGHTS - Greenlight fishing plans - Get the complete greenlight for fishing plans, step-by-step information on building your own greenlight ( night fishing light) for night fishing. You will be able to build a greenlight from the plans and save as much as 50% over the retail costs for a greenlight (such as Hydroglow) of this size. The plans include details of the materials to build the greenlight, where to find all the greenlight components, and how to assemble your greenlight. This web site contains information on Building fishing lights, build the greenlight night fishing light, Electronic Compact Fluorescent Ballasts, Greenlight Plans, fishing green light, 12 volt ballast, how to make your own green light for night fishing - greenlight ballast, clear PVC, clear PVC pipe, 12 volt ballast electic Fishing greenlight 12 volt ballast, night fishing lights.

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NIGHT FISHING LIGHT - GreenLight Fishing Light Plans
The night fishing light you can build - Build your own night fishing lights.
Build Your Own Submersible Fishing Light, 12 volt ballast available here!



12 volt Electronic Compact Fluorescent Ballasts
Notice...The 12 Volt electronic Ballast needed for building GreenLight can be
ordered from this website. See below for details and ordering options and prices.

Clear PVC Pipe for Greenlight
In some cases you may find that the CLEAR PVC tubing you will need to purchase to build your GreenLight is sold only in 10 foot lengths. Most vendors will cut it in half for you in order to ship it to you. You may want to consider buying two ballasts in this case since you will be buying enough PVC to build two fishing lights.


GreenLite Construction Overview - Build submersible green light for night fishing.

  • Easy to follow step-by-step plans with detail illustrations.
  • Proven and time tested components.
  • Extra long, 48 inch, 40 watt fluorescent bulb....OR use two 20 WATT bulbs for other applications.
  • Runs on 12 volts....Low battery draw with less than 3 amps for a single ballast.
  • Submersible (designed to submerse-no surface reflection).
  • Can be made with clear acrylic or PVC tubing.
  • Green flourescent light penetrates water better than any other color because green is the last color to fade in water on the color scale.
  • Unique bait and fish attracting abilities.
  • Portable - can be used on boat, pier, jetty etc...
  • Not affected by salt water due to all plastic construction, so you don't have to worry about rust.
  • Used and proven by professional fisherman on many species of game fish - Inshore, Offshore, Salt & Fresh Water.
  • Save money catching your own bait around the light while you're fishing.
  • Why pay $180 to $200 for a greenlight when you can build it yourself for about half that amount...This same size light sells for $189.00 at some WalMarts or from Hydro Glow!

CLICK HERE TO See what other fishermen have to say about using a Greenlight.


The complete step-by-step instructions along with 8 pages of detail illustrations are available for $19.00 (this includes S/H) . Be sure to email me your shipping address and INCLUDE your phone number.

You will receive complete step by step instructions of how to build your own Greenlite along with complete list of vendors/suppliers from which you can purchase the necessary parts and materials to make your own GREENLITE. The ballast can be ordered below from me and I list on other vendor source for the ballast. The GreenLight is easy to build in just a couple hours and soon you will be using it on your next fishing trip!


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Place Your GreenLight Order- Pricing Information

These plans utilize specific parts that you order below. There are several ordering options for your convenience.

You can order just the plans, the plans and the six major PVC fittings, or the plans, PVC and ballast, or other combinations as detailed below. If you need just the ballast, that too is available for those who decide to build a second light later on, as 99% of most fishermen seem to do. If one Greenlight is good... TWO are better...!

Credit card orders are accepted through PayPal. You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to pay with Credit Card through PayPal...easy and secure payment method.
Payments made through PayPal are always filled promptly.

Be sure to order the ballast here to be assured of getting the correct ballast, the one the plans require and the light design is based upon. Ballasts purchased elsewhere may not fit plan design.

Summary of Ordering Costs:

If you use CREDIT CARD or PayPal, pay the amount in that column...see Below.....
You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account....CLICK "Add to Cart" to purchase.

Two Ways to order
Use correct Pricing Please
Mail Order

Plans only **


Plans + ONE Ballast **


Plans + PVC Fittings + one Ballast **


Plans + PVC Fittings + TWO Ballasts**


One Ballast only **


Two Ballasts only **


Three Ballasts only **


The large clear PVC 2" ID tubing is NOT available with any order and can be ordered after you get the plans
from vendors included with the plans.

To purchase the plans or any of the combination orders above,
please send check or money order payable to ADC to:

GreenLite Plans
208 Greenbriar
Wharton, TX 77488

Every attempt is made to ship order the next day after payment is received.

For additional information or answers to your questions, call 979-532-2577.

eMail your fishing experiences and PHOTOS of you and your fish and get them posted in our
"soon to be" photo gallery....Send email to


What else will you need...??? You will now only have to buy the large clear outside PVC tube (about $45 for 5 foot piece), the green light bulb ($14), and just a few miscellaneous items (wire, wire nuts, etc....$6.00) after receiving plans.

The places to buy the green BULB and the clear outside PVC are included
in the instructions and these two items are easy to obtain.

I sell the ballast and the plans list no other vendor source other than me.

Order your Greenlight fishing plans today and have fun night fishing!!

Approx. build time is only one to two hours once you have all materials on hand. You do need to
have reasonable skills at building things. I suggest soldering all connections.
The only tools needed are a screw driver, pliers, epoxy glue, teflon tape, hacksaw and a soldering gun. This is not a difficult project, just read the instructions before beginning to build your GreenLight and, of course, I will be happy to answer any questions to help you with assembly.

 Any QUESTIONS...Send Email

For information and questions or call 979-532-2577.

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